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Kasia and Radek became Guest Editors of the open-access Crystals journal for Special Issue entitled "Photocrystallo- graphy and Solid-State Structural Dynamics". You are most welcome to contribute to this Special Issue.


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CLUSTERGEN - program for genereting clusters of molecules Archive with Windows executable (32-bit - both with double precision and single precision), GUI and colour table. Instruction: After unpacking the archive anywhere you want, you need to run the GUI file (JAR file, needs Java installed on a computer) and link the Fortran executable (EXE file) in (File > Preferences). The Fortran program manual is incorporated into GUI (Help > Documentation). The GUI itself is (or should be) self explanatory. To import CIF file you go to File > Import. In case of problems with speed only use the "sp" (single precision) version. In case of problems first use the "check" version and then contact us if needed. version: 01.03.2018:01
LSDB - program for automatic assignment of local coordinate systems and UBDB transfer Archive with Windows executable (32-bit) and UBDB databank. Instruction: (1) Run LSDB in command promt with -h option to create example lsdb.inp input file; (2) Modifiy this file (keywords are self-explanatory); (3) Run LSDB without any options. version: 10.02.2014:01


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