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Kasia and Radek became Guest Editors of the open-access Crystals journal for Special Issue entitled "Photocrystallo- graphy and Solid-State Structural Dynamics". You are most welcome to contribute to this Special Issue.


Current Research Grants and Projects

NO2-SWITCH: Photocrystallographic studies of new photoswitchable 4th-row transition-metal nitro complexes

PRELUDIUM (13th edition) – National Science Centre (Poland)

S. E. Kutyła (PI) & K. N. Jarzembska (supervisor), 2018 (ongoing)

180 000 PLN (ca. 42 000 EUR)

MMCT-XRAY: Communication between metallic centres in selected bridged mixed-valence coordination complexes - photocrystallographic studies combined with ultrafast spectroscopy

SONATA (11th edition) – National Science Centre (Poland)

R. Kamiński (PI), 2017 (ongoing)

720 050 PLN (ca. 162 000 EUR)

PHOTO-TRACE: Tracing of photo-excited species in crystals and solution samples of coinage-metal coordination complexes

SONATA (8th edition) – National Science Centre (Poland)

K. N. Jarzembska (PI), 2015 (ongoing)

897 630 PLN (ca. 202 000 EUR)

Finished projects

Tracing of photo- and electric-field-induced phenomena dynamics in organic and coordination systems in the solid state

MOBILITY PLUS (2nd edition) – Ministry of Science and Higher Education (Poland)

K. N. Jarzembska, 2013–2014

252 000 PLN (ca. 59 000 EUR)

Verification and quantification of the synthons approach on the basis of cocrystals of dihydroxybenzoic acids with N-donor heterocyclic compounds

PRELUDIUM (2nd edition) – National Science Centre (Poland)

A. A. Hoser (PI) & K. N. Jarzembska (co-PI), 2012–2014

173 680 PLN (ca. 39 000 EUR)

Advanced structural analysis and modelling of new functional materials based on arylboronic acids

IUVENTUS PLUS (2nd edition) – Ministry of Science and Higher Education (Poland)

R. Kamiński (PI), 2012–2014

195 400 PLN (ca. 44 000 EUR)


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