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Radek’s SONATA grant proposal got accepted (xx Nov. 2016)
Kasia's new role in ECA (26th Oct. 2016)
4th European Crystallography School in Warsaw (26 Nov. 2016)


News and Recent Events

New funding opportunities have arisen. The SONATA grant was awarded to Radek by the National Science Centre (Poland) for the proposal entitled: "MMCT-XRAY: Communication between metallic centres in selected bridged mixed-valence coordination complexes – photocrystallographic studies combined with ultrafast spectroscopy". Kasia's involvement in ECA has been appreciated, thus lately she has become the Polish representative in the General Interest Group no. 1 dedicated to young crystallographers. This function had been previously held by Kamil Dziubek, our friend and collaborator.
The 4th European Crystallography School (ECS4) will be held in Warsaw on 2-7 July 2017! The school gathers world-class scientists as speakers and tutors, and shall concentrate on all aspects of advanced chemical crystallography, such as twinning, crystal engineering, supramolecular crystallography, protein crystallography, charge density studies and photocrystallography. We are proud to be part of the organising committee of this amazing event and deeply encourage all of you to participate in ECS4! To get more information just click here. 4

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